You can become Snow White for a fancy dress party

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We have a huge range of classic and saucy Snow White costumes from leading UK fancy dress stores.

A Snow White outfit is perfect for a fancy dress party or other dressing up event - and we've tracked down dozens of top quality costumes.

Snow White costume, like those for sale here, are available in range of styles from elegant and cute, to sexy and raunchy.

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If you want to look great at a fancy dress party or other big event, why not consider buying a bright and stylish Snow White costume like those for sale here? 

They come in many different sizes and styles and are available for women and girls. There are also many accessories available, including various wigs, red head bow, Disney glitter tiara, headbands and make-up items.

A Snow White outfit is very elegant and is easily recognised by its traditional long yellow and blue dress or short skirt, a red cape and a pair of red or blue sandals or shoes  - and, of course, a long and curled black wig, unless you already have black hair.

Snow White costumes can be jazzed-up for Halloween parties, made too look sexy for an adult night out or simply left sweet and simple for kids’ birthday and Christmas parties. 

A Snow White outfit really is an appealing fancy-dress option - it's very cute and innocent-looking and can make a little girl or woman feel truly special and glamorous.

Snow White is perhaps one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time and was the central figure in the classic 1937 animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which was based on the German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm . 

With black hair, ruby red lips and skin as pure as snow, Snow White is recognised universally.
We all know the wonderful fairytale story – Snow White was almost captured by her wicked stepmother and Queen who was outraged when the 'mirror on the wall told her that Snow White was the ‘fairest of them all’. 

Fortunately, it all ended happily ever after, when the Prince kisses the lifeless Snow White and brings her to life again. 

All these years on, the magic of this classic Disney film still lives on. Even with new Disney animations like Cars and Kung Fu Panda, it’s nice to watch of the old classics which really stand the test of time.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, now you can be with a Snow White costume! What child doesn’t want to dress up as a beautiful princess? – in fact, the same question can be asked for adults! 

There are 100s of Snow White costumes available, and they’re all perfect for escaping modern life and living your own little fairytale. Who knows – with a Snow White dress, you may even meet your Prince! 

Snow White costumes are bright and colourful – the skirt is primarily yellow, with the upper shirt ranging from blue and red through to gold. They are available in various sizes including small, medium and large.

We have a huge range of adult Snow White outfits, even though young girls love getting dressed up a this beautiful little heroine. We feature traditional outfits for ladies and teenage girls to more sexy costumes for those looking to find their prince at a party. 

If you are planning to attend a fancy dress party with a friend of partner why not consider getting them to wear another outfit from the classic Disney movie to accompany complement your Snow White costume? 

We also feature a selection fo Evil Queen costumes and Prince Charming costumes.
Don't forget to get your make-up looking just right for your grand appearance as Snow White at a fancy dress event. 

You'll need some blood rose red lipstick to look just like the little princess, eyeshadow to match you skin colour and a bit of red blush on your cheeks. And if your really want to look the part, how about complementing your outfit with a little basket, with maybe a few real or fake plastic apples in it for good measure?

Snow White is one of the great fictional book and movie characters ever and she remains a fantasy icon for young boys and girls around the world . 

A Snow White dress and stylish accessories really allows you or your little daughter to become the fairest of them all!

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You can transform yourself into Snow White, the adorable little princess who won the hearts of everyone in the classic Disney movie.
We have an impressive range of traditional and sexy Snow White costumes for adults and kids from leading UK fancy dress stores including Escapade, Jokers Masquerade, Elf Bar and Party Domain.
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